Custom Websites

"Too many Web pages are all flash, no substance. Properly designed and well written, a web page dramatically expands the reach and effectiveness of your communications effort.”

When you visit the web sites we create for investment managers, you will find very functional, easy-to-use sites with a logical page flow and plenty of information that visitors can use to get to know the firm and develop confidence in the firm"s capabilities. Our web services include:

  • Developing content and organizational aspects of the site. What will your site include and how will it be organized?
  • Helping you select a mobile-friendly or responsive design that works for your firm and customizing that design
  • Developing the actual web pages.
  • Incorporating an email collection tool to capture visitor information.
  • Assisting you with host selection and add-on features for your web site.
  • Updating or expanding your site over time.

Your web site is viewed as advertising by the SEC, state securities administrators and FINRA. Our experience in writing materials subject to the scrutiny of the regulatory bodies helps keep your site in compliance. To visit sites that catch your interest, click on the image or title

Layout changes to accommodate the view screen
Responsive sites adapt to the viewing device from mobile to monitor.
Responsive sites adapt from mobile viewers up to desktop monitors
This site features layered messages, local identification, password protected pages.
Financial Advisor web site
Layering of information allows a visitor to skim or delve into the manager"s qualifications.
Major images feature client's market area
Cartoon illustrations give this site exceptional recall, combined with easy navigation.
an older expandable site format
A newer responsive site styled to use many elements of the prior site to keep a sense of continuity.
Our role with this site included copy writing, formatting and artwork
This is a responsive site based on a WordPress template. Again,layering of information for quick or in depth reading.
excavation company website
Home page features rotating cover images, and project slide shows embedded behind images of job categories.
Investment Advisor website
Animated chess figures drop onto the board, accompanied by an opening musical phrase.
Catholic parish site created pro bono
And, when there is an opportunity to give back we assist with pro bono sites.