Your Brand Sets You Apart from the Competition

"Branding Starts with a Professional Logo”

"A brand is the one thing that you can own that nobody can take away from you," says Howard Kosgrove, vice principal of marketing at Lindsay, Stone and Briggs Advertising in Madison, Wis. "Everything else, they can steal. They can steal your trade secrets. Eventually, your patents will expire. Your physical plant will wear out. Technology will change. But your brand can go on and live. It creates a lasting value above and beyond all the other elements of your business."

Are you just starting your firm or have you decided it’s time to get real?

The most important competitive edge you can develop is your brand. A brand is your firm’s unique identity. It is what makes your firm stand out in a way that is relevant and persuasive to your market.

The visual elements of your brand include a strong name, a defining statement and a consistent image that carries through all of your materials from letters to client statements, presentations, brochures, web sites, signage and more. By maintaining a consistent “brand” you increase awareness of your firm, your materials are quickly recognized and your business projects stability.

The Active Manager’s Resource Center helps you establish a brand by working with you to define your firm and to develop a logo and corporate look that carries through your marketing materials and communications.

We create letterhead, envelopes, business cards and speciality branded items for financial advisors
From the business card to the letterhead and the envelopes that make the first impression, stationary is an important element of your brand.
Manager profile in a magazine format
Branding is based on consistent use of the company's logo, colors, layout style and message across all materials including presentations.
Investment strategy fact shsets and performance overviews
Overviews of the individual strategies help investors better understand the advisor's approaches.